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ne0 Chichibu Futori



Based on the traditional techniques of Chichibu Futori, we ask craftsmen to use an updated version of Neo Chichibu Futori. We also use the original Neo Chichibu Futori, created through trial and error with the craftsmen. Chichibu Futori is the origin of Chichibu Meisen, a traditional silk fabric that uses 100% Chichibu cocoons and is completely handmade from thread making to weaving. Techniques include traditional Zakuri, which involves pulling thread from cocoons grown from eggs at Kagemori Sericulture Farm, and vegetable dyeing. Because it is made of non-twisted yarn, it has the natural feel of silk, has a three-dimensional luster, is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and has excellent breathability and heat retention.

Photo cooperation: Chichibu Futori Kobo, Kagemori Sericulture Farm

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