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Established in 2019 by designer Reina Ibuka. In 2021, she set up an atelier surrounded by greenery. We respect the connection between nature and people, traditional craftsmanship, and explore possibilities for updating. We produce the intersection of time and space and the multifaceted beauty of people.


- concept

- 故郷と地球を考える -

- Think about hometown and earth -
By using silk fabrics made from 100% locally-produced cocoons and traditional craft fabrics, we are involved in preserving the local traditional techniques and climate.We repeatedly select materials that is good for the global environment.

- 生物多様性の維持 -

- Maintaining Biodiversity -
Various creatures live on this earth, and all are connected.The atelier where you can see the greenery and the small medical herb garden "VERTS"(meaning "green" in French) will express the importance of circulation in various ways.

- 自然と人のつながり -
人は自然から大きな力「La joie de vivre(生きる喜び)」(ハーブガーデンのコンセプト)をもらう。物質的にも、精神的にも人は自然から大きな恩恵を受けている。自然と人の共生を考える。

- Connection between nature and people -
People receive great power from nature, “La joie de vivre” (herb garden concept).Physically and spiritually, humans are greatly blessed by nature.Consider the coexistence of nature and humans.

- 美しいものの豊かさ -

- Abundance of beautiful things -
Beautiful things enrich life.Beautiful things in the past and present in your own heart.Various landscapes and cultures (sounds, smells, air) of the world.Take inspiration from them and create something with a beautiful future.


- designer


埼玉県秩父市出身。文化服装学院卒業後、ランジェリーブランドのデザイナー、パタンナーを経て、フランスのランジェリー、レースに憧れ1997年に渡仏。アンティーク品、ヴィンテージ生地のバイヤーとしてヨーロッパ各地をまわる。その経験を生かし、レースとカーテンやテーブルクロスを合わせたインナーブランド "maria-reina paris" を2000年に立ち上げる。その後20~60年代のオートクチュールや映画、文化に魅了され、アウターウェアとレースをベースにワンランク上のブランド "Reina I. paris" を2009年に発表する。2014年にフランスから本帰国。
故郷秩父の自然、人、伝統の豊かさに触れ、2019年に新たにファッションブランド "REINA IBUKA" をスタートさせる。コロナ禍で造った小さなハーブガーデンの横に、山の見えるアトリエを2021年4月に構える。地球の変化とともにファッションのあり方も変わっていかなければならない現代、ここを拠点に大切なことを人と自然と共有していきたいという思いで活動する。

Reina Ibuka
From Chichibu,Saitama. After Graduated from Bunka Fashion College, majoring in fashion design, she worked as a designer and patterner at the lingerie brand, La vie a deux, and went to France in 1997, with her admiration for French lingerie,especially lace. After experience as a buyer for vintage fabrics, she founded the innerwear brand "maria-reina paris". After that, she was attracted by epoch fashion as she interacted with haute couture, movies and culture from 1920 through 1960.In 2009, she launched "Reina I. Paris", a higher-grade brand based on outerwear and lace.In 2014, she returned to Japan from France.
In 2019, she started a new fashion brand, "REINA IBUKA", inspired by the rich nature, people, and traditions of her hometown, Chichibu. In April 2021, she set up an atelier with a view of the mountains next to a small herb garden created during the coronavirus pandemic. In today's world, where fashion must change as the earth changes, we work with the desire to share important things with people and nature from here.


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